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British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) — Associate Degree in Web Design Technologies, currently finishing a full certificate. This involves web page/site design and management, qualified in design applications using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & PHP, Mobile web design, PhotoShop, Google Analytics and SEO (web site marketing).

Vancouver Community College (VCC) – Provincial Instructors Diploma — certified as a course instructor which includes class organization, course curriculum and professional design and presentation.

HTML5 & CSS3 are current standards for web site construction. Can any web designer honestly claim to be qualified in these standards? This is important to know, because creating building, altering, modifying and even fixing a website requires qualification in these standards, else what are you paying for in the end?


What I like

The creativity of web design. The opportunity to express ideas, complex or simple in the layout of a web page.

What else do I like? — honesty! I don’t pretend I am a professional web designer because I played with the Internet and computers over the years. That does not build a core base needed to become a professional, which is why I have listed my training and schooling for web design.


What’s Important to Me

Quality, simple and true. I spent many hours of study and practice to acquire the knowledge skills for professional web design and service.

This website you are seeing is made from scratch, custom made. It is an example of the quality work I provide. Anyone can learn how to set-up a CMS website, install themes and plugins, since the core work was already done by someone else for them, but the big difference with me is I can build them!


What I can provide for you?

Quality workmanship, up to date web design techniques, skills and abilities to create, build, update, repair, modify websites.

Allow me to show you what I can do for you!

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