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Blogging Websites

Blogging is nothing new, it has been part of the Internet since it started. What has become evident is many people don’t have the time to tackle a large learning curve just to build their first blogging website. What does Form Web Design offer, knowing that many services on the Internet exist that provide instant blog set ups?

The difference is personal service & a design “personal” to you.

You do not need to hassle with the learning curve, or take lots of time searching the Internet for blog style themes or spend hours trying to figure out how to tweak a blog theme to make it better. Form Web Design can set-up, tweak, and make your blog truly “Yours!”. This is quite different from the standard templates provided by many do-it-yourself blog services as Google blogger and the like, whose blog templates are, well lets say, humdrum and are the same for thousands of other bloggers. Where is the uniqueness in that?

Let Form Web Design make your blog “Yours!”.


Bio Websites

What is a Bio Website?

Simply a small website that speaks just about you, a biography of sorts. To express the dimensions of who you are, likes, dislikes, aspirations and anything you want the world to know about you.

In many cases, Bio-websites have been used to promote a person for jobs and for most anything. A bio-website works much the same as a personal agent, but in a virtual sense on the Internet.

Call Form Web Design to set-up your Bio-website today!


Small Business Websites

Internet use and on-line business presence has increased over the past few years and Form Web Design can help your small business gain or improve your presence on the Internet. Let show some information that will help;

On another note, BC Telus has announced;

TELUS is investing $1 billion in new infrastructure and facilities across B.C. this year, part of a three-year, $3 billion commitment made a year ago and building upon the $29 billion TELUS has already invested in operations and technology throughout the province since 2000. (read more…)

What does this all mean?

For Telus, it means they are increasing the availability of their optic fibre communications. This translates to more Internet access for outlying and remote areas of the Okanagan. Canada statistics have shown a substantial increase in Internet use, which includes on-line business sales. This is a big opportunity and it is not going to stop any time soon. On-line visibility has become an important element for local business advertisement.

How important is that to your business?

Form Web Design can help you achieve your web presence and become available to the households of Okanagan BC – 24/7.


Repair – Updating – Upgrades

There is more to Form Web Design than just building websites, especially when many people already have a website. What does Form Web Design offer in this regard?

Within 3-5 yrs, a website has become outdated. When it reaches 3 yrs, many CMS websites as WordPress or Joomla are no longer supported by their initial theme purchase license and are not updated anymore. From the 3rd to 5th year, the website becomes very outdated both in its core framework of the theme and its design. Things start to go wrong, coding conflicts arise, plugins are no longer compatible and the website requires repair, updating or an upgrade. Worst of all, outdated CMS websites become prime targets for hackers. I have seen too many outdated CMS websites fall to international hackers.

Repairing, updating or upgrading is part of what Form Web Design does.