Web Designers and Design Groups, Are They Worth It?

You go to Google and check to see what web designers are available to build your website, or someone gives you a reference claiming the web design company did a good job for their website.

Arriving at the web designers website, it looks neat. Great images, arrangement, layout, color balanced and eye catching effects. You think, well these guys know what they are doing. Their website claims their “team” has experience in HTML, CSS 3, JavaScript, PHP and more, so you hire them, even if their price caused you to bite your lip a bit.

Was there anything wrong with all that? Great looking website, claims of experience and a price to match?

Sometimes No. There are great web designers around, but there are also a lot of charlatans and unethical ones too. It is just like any business, there are good and bad ones. The key is knowing how to spot a good web designer or web design company and a bad or less than adequate one.

Websites that are fancy looking do not make a web designer. Why is this?

Did you know that the majority of web design companies use WordPress for their own business websites? Whether WordPress and theme or some other type of CMS framework, all of which were made and designed by someone else.

WordPress is for free, the theme can be free also, but many themes are paid versions. The web design company did not make the website that impressed you, the web design company simply put the pieces together.

With time and effort, anyone can learn to install WordPress and install a theme and build it. Lots of online tutorials and books available. So the fancy neat looking website that you see for most of the web design companies are WordPress websites.

If you disbelieve me, get the link to a webdesign company you hired, and take the link and go to this online tool – https://w3techs.com/sites. Insert the link into the box that is labeled ” Enter url:”, and click the “Site Info” button. It may ask if you want the site crawled, click the button to crawl it. Within seconds, the data information comes back. Look for the title, “Content Management System”. It will list which type, “WordPress”, “Joomla”, or some other CMS framework, if the website is using a CMS. Check a few web design companies online and you will see most or all are using WordPress for their site.

Why is this?

WordPress is easy to install and so is the theme. The designer needs to assemble the theme, but over time, the website is finished. The Theme is what carries all the special effects and neat visuals, WordPress just supplies the backend framework.

Did someone need to be skilled in HTML, CSS3, PHP etc, to create a WordPress site? No, they did not. What do you think a lot of these “do it yourself” website build services use, as Wix and Amazon?

What then is the moral of this story?

Don’t be fooled by fancy looking websites. I have spoken to many clients who had horror stories with web design companies that claimed to be highly experienced. One such story cost a lady I know $20,000 for her business website, only to (sadly) get another web design company to re-design the website using WordPress for 1/5th of the cost. Then only to find that they too turned out irresponsible.

There is so much more to web design than a fancy WordPress site. If you seek fancy and ignore what is behind all of that, then you will likely be fooled as so many others were. If you seek responsible, reliable web design companies, they will tell you that fancy does not make a good website and in fact, they will show you a clean, decent website that looks professional and fancy is not the mainstay. This is what my training at BCIT gave me and I see that it is true.

This is why I did not build a WordPress website for my main business site. It is all handmade. I did this on purpose to show that I do have skills, knowledge and experience. I too can put together a fancy WordPress website with awesome effects, but what does the client need for their business site? This blog, it is WordPress. The “heart” at the title of this site was my addition and I modified the layout from the original theme.

I always promote value and purpose in design and good content layouts. Depending on the site and its goals, some things can include fancy effects, but in the end, these effects do not create conversions, which are people contacting you because they visited your website. I stand behind my work and provide a 2 month guarantee with perks to prove my position. I can build a fancy WordPress site if asked, but I promote value and quality first.

When you look at the web designers website, do you know that he/she did not really create it, someone else did and that it is a WordPress made site?

Does that matter? – yes it should as that should spur you to ask more questions about the web design company. A team of designers do not necessarily make a good web design company, but it surely makes for a larger bill.