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Responsive (Mobile) Web Design

What is Mobile Web Design?

Another name for it is "responsive web design" (RWD). A RWD website is designed to change its layout, move elements around, even remove or replace some elements if needed, all to properly align, show well and read well on mobile screens (tablets & cell phones) without the need to "pinch-zoom" content.

This website you are now viewing is a RWD design. It is viewable in both desktop and mobile screens. If your viewing this in your Desktop or Laptop computer, simply adjust the width of your browser to see the web page automatically adjust.

You can also get your mobile device and scan the code-image just below. It will take you to this website using your mobile device browser.

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Scan This Image

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Image a Desktop Computer Screen, Tablet Screen and Mobile Phone Screen

Mobile Ready?

Is your current website mobile ready?

Test it on your laptop or desktop computer by reducing the width of the browser screen and see how it adjusts its own layout. A mobile site must automatically adjust all content to be viewable on a smaller screen without any need to "pinch zoom" the content or trying to tap-scroll it.

What do you see?

Can you read the content? Text really small along with images? Do you have to pinch open the page (mobile screens) to make the content large enough to read and view? If so then that website you are viewing is not designed for mobile screens.

Some websites claim to be responsive or mobile ready, but when actually viewed on a smaller screens, as your mobile device, the objects on the page become misaligned, or skewed, or disappear when they should remain visible. A badly designed website you can also find that content seemed to adjust to the screen, for the most part, but several parts are squished to thin columns, videos are made way too small or cut off and basically the layout is just poor. This means the mobile design for that website is broken or was badly coded and the webdesigner did a poor job. Unfortunately I noticed this among some local webdesigners.

Test this site - go above to the code image and scan it with your mobile device and see how this website is designed to show beautifully on mobile devices.

Why is a Mobile Ready Website Important?

The answer is simple, mobile browsing of the Internet is rapidly growing! Business wise, this is a great opportunity to boost sales and make your business known in your community. It is a great loss of this potential revenue if your new or current website is not mobile ready.

According to Canada Statistics, Internet users who accessed the Internet in 2012 via a wireless mobile devices (cell phone or tablet) rose to 58%, up from 33% in 2010. Can your business afford to ignore this? ( read more...)

In 2015, FutureShop of Canada stores (owned by BestBuy), closed its stores across Canada, and consolidate other stores into the Best Buy name. In conjunction with this shift, Best Buy announced it will increase development and investment toward online sales.

We will also be continuing the transformation of our e-commerce technology platform and accelerating the transformation of our mobile customer experience which we will support through our new technology development center in Seattle (read more...)

This speaks volumes about the importance of mobile capable websites for business.

Man's hand holding mobile device - Google Logo and Word Reject as a Stamp

Web Designers Work is Penalized

In 2013, Google announced their plan to remove non-mobile websites from their search results when a person searches using their mobile device (read more...).

This means if your website is not mobile ready, it will be dropped from any high search result rankings when a person conducts a search for any web site that is like yours.

For businesses, this is a big loss of potential customers, especially when we take the above statistics from Stats Canada on eCommerce and mobile use.

Web designers need to be skilled to make a website mobile ready, which includes making the website layout appealing in mobile screens. This includes CMS websites, because not all responsive CMS themes work in mobile devices and that is easily checked by using your own mobile device to view a website. Check a web designers own website on your mobile device, see if it renders properly or does it have problems as described above under the title "Mobile Ready?"

A badly designed website will loose visitors. Then all the SEO work you paid for becomes a waste.