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Content Management Systems (CMS)

What is CMS?

CMS is an acronym for "Content Management Systems". Blogs you see on the Internet as "WordPress", "Joomla" and "Drupal", to name a few, are CMS. A CMS system allows its user to change content at any time, using tools like a word processor that is built into the system.

Generally, content management systems are used when the content is dynamic, which means the content changes several times a year and the website owner of the CMS website needs access the web pages to change its content.

CMS brands use themes designed specifically for that brand. These are pre-designed layouts of the website. They contain the layout, color theme, maybe some images and sometimes includes plug-ins, which are coded to work with CMS software.

A CMS website can be a blog style, or can be a traditional page to page style. Today CMS websites are used from personal blogs to large business eCommerce sites.

Here at Form Web Design, if you require a CMS website, Form Web Design can set it up for you.

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Want to Know More About A WordPress or Joomla Website?

Contact Form Web Design and I will answer all your questions to help you make the best choice.

Old Website Conversions to CMS

Do you have access to your website to change, update or delete content?. Do you know if the web design company you used in the past created a CMS website from WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS brand?

If you answer "No" or "I don't know" to the above questions, then you need help establishing control of your website. Your site may be the older style HTML or a static PHP which has limited or no access to your content without having to enter in to the source code of each page.

For older websites that are outdated and certainly look like an eyesore compared to todays more fluid and attractive styles, a website conversion to CMS may be what you need.

A CMS website will give you access to change, modify, update or add content when you want.

There are two main CMS brands that are well supported and the most popular are, WordPressand Joomla. The former being the easiest for people to learn to use, but both provide a stable and attractive website.

Migrating a CMS Site

Already have a WordPress or Joomla website, but need to move it to another folder in your hosting account or move it to a completely different website host?

This is called "migration" and it is quite involved. It is not just copying folders and files to somewhere else. To migrate a CMS website means to move the database, alter PHP files that are suppose to connect to the database and work with the new folder structure. This is far more than just copying and inserting content. It also may be cheaper to just create a new CMS website and move only the content.

Form Web Design can help you make the best choice and meet your needs to migrate your CMS site perfectly.

Upgrading - Restyling - Repairing a CMS Site

Have an old CMS website that needs upgrading and don't know what to do? Need a CMS website repaired? Do you want your current CMS website restyled?

Upgrading is the first most important step. As much as you may still like the current CMS theme, the Theme and CMS framework must be kept up to date in order to stop a potential loss of, or damage to your website from online attacks.

Let Form Web Design inspect your current CMS website and give you a free inspection report. Contact Form Web Design and include "Free CMS Inspection" in the body of your message.